Anyone can use social media to leverage an event, but not everyone can do it successfully.

The benefit of using social media as your promotion platform is that you can reach a whole lot of people at once. Whether you are raising funds for an awareness campaign or simply hosting a major birthday bash, posting it to Twitter or Facebook is the simplest way to get everyone’s attention. Social media is a powerful tool to use, and one that should be used with thoughtfulness.

Hashtag like there’s no tomorrow

Hashtagging is a good way of endorsing an event and to keep it trending on social media. Create a distinctive hashtag that stays active, by using it in conversations on social media platforms. These tags will help people to find your event easily before, during and after the occasion.

Don’t delay. Post now!

If you want large number of audience and more excitement in them about your event then create your event at least three months earlier. Avail this period to boost excitement and interest of audience using social media. If you want to take it a step further, organise a flash mob, post it on YouTube or Facebook to keep the hype going.

Keep them in the loop

Whether you take computer courses or marketing courses, the fact of the matter is you will be using both your technological skills and your marketing skills to draw people in. Keep the public engaged by constantly posting new stuff on your event page. Keep the posts clear and concise, and remember to post on weekends when more people are using social media.

Always respond

People always are impressed if you give responses to them and follow your posts with interest. Try to keep in touch with the poster regarding any questions they may have. In this way you can build good relations with them by conveying your message and keeping them informed at all times. The event page must keep the audience engaged by posting latest news related to the event and also videos or pictures to attract and persuade audience to attend the event.

Turn your invitees into part advocates

You can attempt to make your audience invite their friends to join your event using social media. This can be very beneficial in getting a great number of event attenders. You can create games or quizzes related to your event in which you can ask people to invite their friends before playing. In this way you can make your event popular.

Your target audience will determine whether or not you can use social media as a platform to promote an event or not. If the majority of people you would like to invite are not on social media, then there is basically no point. But if they are all mostly social media junkies, then jump on this bandwagon and go with it! Make your event a success with the help of the internet.

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