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As a student or individual looking for part time work, tutoring is usually overlooked as the usual choices turn towards waitering or retail. Yet, tutoring itself is one of the most rewarding, flexible and truly enjoyable ways to earn an extra income while making a positive difference.

1. Manage Your Own Hours:

In comparison to working in retail, tutoring allows you the major benefit of working when you want to work. You can arrange lessons with students that work with both your schedules, allowing you more free time for yourself. You are also able to work as much or as little as you like.

2. Build Your CV:

Enlisting with a tutoring company will do wonders for your CV as you gain recommendations and experience with each student you tutor. The company will gladly provide great references for you for future work opportunities.

3. Awesome Income:

Working with a tutoring agency will not only afford you the option of taking on as many clients as you wish, but the pay is well worth your time and effort! Waitering, for instance, requires long hours and inconvenient shifts for very little pay. A single session of tutoring will earn you as much, if not more, for an eight hour restaurant shift.

4. Enhance Your Own Skills:

When teaching another person one-on-one your own personal study skills will become fine tuned as you learn the best methods for conveying as well as receiving information. You will be able to study faster, retain information better and re-teach important information to yourself quickly and easily.

5. Make a Difference to Others & Yourself:

Having the power to help someone else in a concrete manner is a very powerful thing. Tutoring opens your eyes to the difference you can make in someone else’s life when you hear how they have improved both their marks and self esteem. It is incredibly rewarding to know you have played a part in the growth of another in a fun, supportive environment.

When next you are running low on cash and turning to the old “drawing board” for inspiration on what to do, consider tutoring. It will surprise you how much you will enjoy working with another individual and making a positive impact on their life.


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