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By Boitumelo Ramokgaba

Choosing a career is one of the most difficult choices we all have to take in life. Its a decision you would literally live with for the rest of your life. There’s a joke where they say “How can they expect you to take such a huge decision when a month back you were asking to go to the toilet” but that’s reality, we are forced to grow up, make decision that are beyond us.

But this is where you as an individual have to take a stand, and make your own decisions, take charge of your life. Here’s a few career tips that you can use as guidance:

Do your research – put those Smartphones to good use. Viewing pictures of Kim & Kanye the whole day won’t help with your career. Research for careers that are suitable for you, weigh the pro’s n cons. Attend Open days, career exhibitions (and don’t just go for the freebies, ask questions). Choose the best varsity – don’t go to XY varsity because the ‘coolest’ people go there, choose the best varsity for your career. There are some colleges that specialize in certain careers e.g Marketing, IT, Drama etc.Make sure you know which varsity offers the best course for your career choice.

Know what your strengths are – Understanding yourself and knowing what you good at, will help. Write down your strengths, could be something as small as cooking, knowing your way around computers, writing poems or even drawing.

We are all different, we all have God given talents.

Find your Passion – there’s a difference between something you are good at and something you enjoy doing. You might be good in writing but enjoy dancing. Nothing wrong with that, this where u think long term, ask for advice from parents, siblings and even teachers.

Throughout all this, enjoy it. You only get to go to Varsity once in your life and its said varsity years are the best years of your life.

And what’s better then varsity years with the right career for you!

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