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“There is no set path to success and no written rule that will help one avoid the obstacles and turns on route to achievement.  In fact, most of the world’s success stories tell of detours, of ways lost, and of new directions found.  To become successful is a process that takes time. In our performance driven society the only thing young people can really do is try and learn from those who have made it to the top and hopefully be inspired by their achievements and what it took to get there,” says Natalie Rabson, Marketing Manager at Boston City Campus & Business College.

To help young, aspiring people understand what it takes to become successful in business, Boston spoke to a few successful and reputable entrepreneurs, and asked them to share their advice on what they learnt along the way.

For Shauneen Procter, MD and Partner at Idea Engineers and recent nominee for Businesswoman of the Year, the road to success represented a mixture of good opportunities, delivery and good fortune.  She also follows Gary Player’s motto: “the harder I practice, the luckier I get”.  Procter shares the following advice for those who aspire to become successful.

“Firstly be prepared to embrace discomfort and to stretch yourself, for there lies the facilitators of growth and mastery; then, always deliver on time! That alone will set you apart from the herd. And, always foster humility, it will stoke empathy. But, she does caution that whilst this is deceptively simple it can be particularly challenging for self-starters and ambitious A-types.

For Brian Herlihy, Executive Director at SEACOM, success came because of a clear vision and persistence.  “Whether it is a company or its investors, there will always be a need for a leader to create a vision and implement it.  You also have to believe in yourself 110%.  If you don’t then nobody will.  It comes down to the simplest of things, from body language to the way you answer a question – all this tells people whether you believe in yourself or not.  Then there has to be passion.  It is impossible to sell your position or your ideas if they are not the things you are most passionate about.  Also practice selling your vision in a manner that makes your audience understand the opportunity – some ideas are the best ideas, but not explained well.” Rabson comments that this applies to selling yourself in a job interview, or selling a business idea to an investor. Be passionate. Be clear about your vision in the simplest of terms And believe in yourself.

“Stay optimistic, even if times are tough.  Don’t fear failure, or the fear of not trying new things. Remember, without change and failure, your business will not grow,” adds Benjy Porter, the CEO of Legal and Tax. Rabson adds that, in line with Porters thinking, learners and employers should try and remain in touch with their communities, and contribute to them in a sincere manner – it gives you purpose and helps build better relationships with your customers.

Finally, success is about action and about taking charge.  Whether you’re a student or you’ve already entered the work market.

According to Phillip McGraw, host of the television show Dr Phil, your sole mantra should be: “Do it! People who succeed don’t just sit and think about what they want to do. They take meaningful, purposeful, directional action consistently and persistently. Every step they take puts them toward the outcome they’re looking for.  People who consistently win are also consciously committed to self-management. This is the most important resource they have in achieving their goals. They actively manage their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.”

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