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The importance of reading

By Thabo Ledimo

From the very first fairy tale to the first book I read in grade one. I have always been passionate about books and knowing more than what meets the eye. This article is about books; why they are important and why reading can be fun and informative.

The first thing about reading is to know. When we are curious we want to know more, feel more and see more. You might want to know about a certain topic of life, subject of study or profession. Reading gives you all these things. I am going to give a brief classification of two types of books and what they give. There are many reasons for reading and many types of books. But I will only focus on two.

Fiction: Let’s say you are a young person reading a story about a forty year old. While reading this book you get to understand older people, how they speak, act and use their age to separate from young people, if you have this going into the workforce you will be able to convince a senior citizen to buy you product or use your service because you understand what interests them and what does not.

Non-fiction: this includes business books, text books, history and ‘how to do it’ books. Once you know about somebody and you are given a task to sell them a product. You need to know how to do manufacture or design that product. Let’s say you were to design a car for a thirty year old lady. You would have to know the history of car, what kind of cars ladies like, you need to know how much the car will cost you and further which materials will be suitable for that car. You will definitely have to take those materials to make a mode of transport that will make the lady comfortable, safe and luxurious at the same time.

This is what I always say about books, they say a lot of things, but they are quiet. That is why you should love them.

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