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With the need to education becoming increasingly more, universities have to find innovative ways on how to hold up the masses.

Although sometimes considered as second best, distance learning has become the answer to many a prayers and the solution to the mass universities are struggling with.

Not just a can you continue with your everyday working routine and tend to your family and other commitments, but you will be able to attend to a full time study course.

What is the value of distance learning, the answer to that is simple, it depends solely on you as the student.  The advantages of distance learning however allows for:


Probably being the biggest advantage of distance education is that depending on your diary and the responsibilities you have you can fit your study time to a time that best suits you.

Saves time and money

These courses are most of the time a whole lot cheaper for the same quality material, you will also be saving on university accommodation as well as on commuting.


Having the luxury of studying for your own home, you can sit in you PJ’s and do the required tasks.  It’s sometimes as easy as dropping your assignment off at the post office and or submitting it online.

Self and community empowerment

Changing you career and future prospects wherever you are not matter how rural the area.  Being from a rural area will allow you to educate those around you as well showing them that everything is possible.

24/7 access to study material and other students

Be included in university life through contact with other students through online learning environments, as well as through direct contact with your lecturers via the provided forums, through emails or by phone.

Although the over-dependence on technology, the lack of discipline or the fact that there is little to no direct contact with faculty could be a few disadvantages of distance learning, many studies have shown this to be a valuable and efficient way of education.   Just believe in yourself and make the best of the opportunities presented.

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