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What new technology are we going to incorporate into our lives this year and beyond? Consumer technology has changed the way we access and process information, learn and live. Here are a few of the big trends for 2014.

Digital Health
Personal health-monitoring systems that keep us informed of our health and monitor chronic conditions. For Example, digitally connected glucose testing kits and digital blood pressure cuffs that use cellphones to deliver data to the user.
Two-in-One Laptops/Tablets
Combining a laptop with a tablet is where computer technology is at this year. Most of the big manufacturers are bringing out two-in-one models.
Connected Cars
Our cars are getting smarter. Cars’ connections to the Internet will be facilitated either via embedded 4G radios or through shared smartphone connections. This is also talks to increasing integration of technology and devices.
3D Printers
We will see 3D printers  go commercial for early digital adopters to try experiment with. 3D printing is set to revolutionise our lives  – besides creating new forms of printing, it is an important tool for prototype visualization and small-scale manufacturing projects.
Google Glass was the big buzz of 2013, but the concept of wearable computers is still in its early stages. The most successful wearables so far have been the ones used to monitor health, and some smart watches have been manufactured, but it will still take years before someone delivers the right form, function, fashion and technology into a smart watch so that it really gains traction from mainstream consumers.

Article issued by Milpark Business School

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