The Directorate of Student Development and Support (SDS) strives to enhance student success optimally through skills development and support services, focusing on the student as a learner, the student as a person, and the student as a prospective worker.

Social Support:

This Programme addresses various aspects of social well-being (substance abuse, unintended pregnancy and abortion, personal safety, etc.) and skills development as it may be relevant to the TUT student population. The programme is needs-driven and strives to enhance student success, throughput and general well-being by identifying and addressing social problems that impact on the academic, social and interpersonal performance of students.

Career Guidance:

Making a career decision should not be taken lightly. There are several aspects that should be taken into account. If you feel that you need some help in making a career decision or choosing school subjects, please feel free to contact us and make an appointment for a comprehensive career counselling assessment (aptitude, interest and personality).

Reading Skills Development:

The Reading Programme is aimed at improving both reading speed and comprehension. Exercises on vocabulary, word recognition, grammar, memory and spelling are included. Automatic assessment allows the students to progress gradually, at their own pace. The selected passages are suitable for a vast variety of subjects. The programme consists of different levels at which students will be placed in accordance with their reading ability for regular practising.

Disability Services:

The TUT Service for Students with Disabilities is dedicated to the implementation of TUT’s mission statement, ‘We empower people’. Disabled students face unique stumbling blocks in a tertiary education environment. Our service aims at facilitating a process of identifying these stumbling blocks, and finding practical solutions that empower our students to participate to the full extent of their ability.

Student Employment:

Student Employment is a service that tends to the needs and specifications of the labour market by equipping students with employability skills. This service is provided free of charge and is available to all students registered at TUT. Students who graduated recently will also be accommodated.  Training on interview strategies is done on a personal basis or in group sessions. This ensures that students meet the requirements and specifications of the labour market and the employer.

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