The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) congratulates the matric class of 2015 for their achievement of a 70.7% pass percentage. The gruelling examinations were indeed a true test for all matriculants and the class of 2015 may prove to be of the highest standard yet. The drop in the matric pass rate should be considered against the backdrop of a deliberate attempt to improve the standards of basic education and the quality of learners coming through the system.

“As the NYDA, we commend the matric class of 2015 for achieving a 70.7% percentage pass. Furthermore, we commend the Department of Basic Education and Umalusi for focusing on improving standards rather than merely seeking to increase the pass rate. Our basic education assessment standards are certainly on par with the rest of the world,” says NYDA Executive Chairperson, Yershen Pillay.

The NYDA emphasises the fundamental role of academic excellence in job creation and innovation amongst the youth of South Africa.

“It is absurd to judge the performance of the Department of Basic Education on the matric pass rate. What we need is a focus on quality and excellence in our basic education system and the Department together with Umalusi must be commended for increasing the number of high-level questions on question papers and for ensuring that our assessment standards are on par with the rest of the world,” explains Pillay.

The NYDA furthermore welcomes the commitment displayed by the Department of Basic Education in similarly affording learners who have failed their matric with second chance opportunities. This second chance programme, which is planned to be piloted by the Department in 2016, is scheduled to be launched tomorrow.

According to Pillay, “This year a total of 5675 second chance opportunities will be made available by the NYDA for the class of 2015. We expect to see a greater demand for second chance opportunities as a result of the lower pass rate. Every year the NYDA makes available a limited number of second chance opportunities for those who fail their matric exams. We therefore encourage all those who have failed their matric exams to take advantage of the NYDA’s Second Chance Matric Rewrite programme which offers learners an opportunity to return to a school environment, receive free revision classes and rewrite their exams.”

The NYDA encourages all financially disadvantaged learners with exceptional results to apply for the NYDA Solomon Mahlangu Scholarship. Parents and learners wishing to enquire about the NYDA’s Second Chance Matric Rewrite may visit or their nearest NYDA branch for more information.

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