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Name: Paula Odama

DegreeBachelor of Commerce in Law

Year: Current Student

Paula just turned 16 and her energy and passion for life is seen in the way she conducts herself

We spoke to her to find out what inspires her and this is what she had to say.

‘I work hard, I pray a lot, and I have made some mistakes but l chose to see the bigger picture which is my dream of becoming a lawyer.’

Happy belated birthday Paula, we wish you nothing but success in your future goals and dreams!


Name: Mahlatse Constance Mello

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management

Cum Laude

Year: Class of 2013

I started my journey at MGI in 2010, Pre-Degree (admission). I chose MGI because it is one of the few private institutions that offer a recognized qualification/degree. Through their quality education and dedicated lecturers I was drawn to further my studies here.

Like many it was not an easy 4 years, during my 2nd year of
study I was blessed with a baby girl but that did not get in the way
of dreams and goals. Regardless of my pregnancy I made a choice to
stay in school and work hard for my daughter and future. This is not to
say falling pregnant while in school is right and for many of us we
know how it can be a major setback for our parents who invest so much in us. What l would like to emphasise is remember that you’re the reason behind every choice you make. By the Grace of God I chose to persevere and finish school through hard work and dedication I finished my studies
in record time. On the 11th of April 2014 l was awarded my degree in Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management (Cum Laude).

To my fellow MGI family, remember that it does
not take a genius to get a degree; it takes hard work, focus and

I am currently working for a Digital marketing agency and Web Development Company which has also given me the opportunity to be certified on Google Ad words and l must say I am happy with my progress thus far as a 23 year old mother of one.

MGI gave me the distinct advantage l needed to stand out in the market place.


Name: Potia Ndlovu

Degree: Bachelor of Psychology

Top Psychology Student 2013

She had an overall average of 78% and graduated Magna Cum Laude

These are her words to inspire the class of 2014!

Excelling does not mean one never stumbled: it’s about what you do when you fall. Success is a series of small steps, focus on the ultimate goal. MGI is a great environment to flourish!

Potia is preparing to write her board exam so she can practice Psychology.


Name: Talent Chinyani

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce Tourism Management

Magna cum Laude Graduate

Her words to inspire the class of 2014!

The world will provide you with stones every day, what you decide to build lies with you. It could be a wall, road or bridge to propel you to the next destination. You could choose to do nothing but in the end, the world will know you by what action you chose to take. MGI was my stepping stone to help me further my career.

Talent is currently furthering her studies and is enrolled for the MGI Hons degree.


Name: Muzi Ndlovu

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce Tourism Management

Cum Laude

Year: Class of 2013

This is my story:

I started my journey at MGI in 2010 and enrolled for a degree in Bcom Tourism Management. As a SADC student from Zimbabwe leaving home l had positive mixed emotions as l set out to accomplish what l had set out in my heart to pursue. Like most first years I took the great leap from high school to teritary and MGI was my place of landing.

Tertiary education is diffcult in its own respect, regardless of the degree you choose, there are hardships and setbacks. Many assume that a degree in tourism is pretty simple but contrary to popular belief it does take its toll and it is one of the commerce degrees with the most modules.

I completed my degree in 4 years and passed with Cum Laude and yes it was no easy task l might add. I struggled with modules, failed some tests, but l chose not to be discouraged by the setbacks but maintain a postive attitude. I did things differently, pushed myself a little harder, asked for help were l felt l was lacking. In the end it all paid of and today l can safely say am adept to work in the tourism sector and can add value.

My motivation for the students still studying is work hard! Do your best! And you will enjoy the fruits of your labour. Don’t you dare give up no matter how hard it gets you will make it in the end. Always include God in everything and you will be ok. MGI is a great place for one to enhance their knowledge and gain the necessary skills to gain access into the work environment.

Muzi is currently employed as an events co-ordinator for CoZim Functions.


Name: Fortune Sambo

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration

Cum Laude

House Committee President 2013

His words to inspire the class of 2014!

Study hard and work hard you will achieve your goals. Have a vision of what you aim for! I hit my target thank you MGI!

Fortune is currently pursuing his Hons degree with MGI


Name: Tinashe Masoka

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration (Majored in Marketing)

‘Cum Laude

His words to inspire the class of 2014!

Hard work comes from with-in, if you want to establish your own success. Studying is not easy but with full determination, perseverance and courage, you will surely reach your destiny. Thank you MGI today l can compete in the market place!


Name: Jay Kanjere

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration (Majored in Marketing)

MGI’s overall top student

Magna cum Laude

Jay scored an average of 85%

One of his highest marks was a 93% in Business Management.

His words to inspire the class of 2014:

Graduation day was a great experience for me because I was absolutely grateful that I managed to complete my undergraduate studies without any major hindrances disrupting me. No one knows what will happen in the future; therefore it is in your best interests to work hard NOW. When the going gets tough, persevere on and NEVER stop believing in yourself. Find out the study methods that work for you and be disciplined enough to stick to them.

Make good use of your opportunities whilst you still can.


Name: Witness Mdaka

Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration (Majored in Marketing)

Year     : Class of 2012

CEO of Quality Growth International

Meet Witness Mdaka. A former youth marketing professional at Student Village, managing partner at Purple Stores PTY (LTD), youth executive director at Tembisa Christian Family church. Executive committee member of the Men of Wisdom business seminars and recently instated as Chief Executive Officer of Quality Growth International.

He was born in Limpopo and his roots lie in Giyani. The family later moved to Klipgat, North West, when he was 8 months old due to his parents’ separation. He was then raised by his late great grandmother, who passed away when he was 12 years old. After this saddening ordeal, Witness had to go live with his mother in Tembisa, east of Johannesburg.

Today he holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Midrand Graduate institute, and a Certificate in Global Management from Regent’s College in London facilitated through MGI. His knowledge of business includes marketing, business management, economics, project management, entrepreneurship and finance.

Upon finishing his matric at Tersia King Learning Academy, Witness’s mother invested about R150 000 for him to be able to attend university. However, Witness and his mother decided to use a portion of the money to develop his mother’s property and build backrooms in their yard to rent them out. This was done with the intent to help fund his tertiary studies and create more income.

Witness then decided to study and run a bottle recycling company with his friend and current business partner, Gift Nhantumbo. This however, did not work out as planned. Witness failed at his venture but chose to try again.

He applied for a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Midrand Graduate Institute (years 2010 – 2012). During his last year of study, MGI facilitated an internship with Youth Marketing and Career Development Specialists – Student Village. During that month Witness did very well in his internship and in January 2013 he was called back to full time employment at Student Village as a campaign manager, managing the following campaigns; Nedbank Smart about Money, Nedbank Re-launch Campaign, Paco Rabanne Campus Experience, Tops Dryver Spar, Philips, One Young World and Samsung Galaxy Experience. He also implemented the graduate recruitment projects (Career Fairs), through Student Village, for Pick ‘n Pay, General Electric, Rio Tinto, SAB, BBD software development, British American Tobacco, Distell, and Bloomberg.

In January 2014 he was then promoted to become an Accounts Manager and New Business Developer for Student Village, a position he will always be grateful for. In April 2014, he resigned from Student Village to pursue his dream and passion for entrepreneurship.

Witness is an entrepreneur at heart. His desire and passion to make a difference, coupled with hard work and determination has inspired many around his circle of influence. His main objective is to help create opportunities for the less fortunate. MGI gave me the stepping stone to make an impact in the co-operate world so l can learn today and shape tomorrow.

To my fellow family at MGI still studying, ‘He that says he can and he that says he can’t are both usually right. ‘Henry Ford’

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