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I have to say that being part of recruitment and actually delving deep on that route has been an unfolding journey. While the expectation was to receive resumes in latest templates and a good format to my shock I only receive a few of those. We have all heard of how a well written resume that is presentable can earn you point but it seems as though we have to keep on singing the same song.

Recruiters do not like messy resumes that look like they were typed in 1961 while the candidate is actually born in 1990. Having to have advertised a few opportunities and receiving resumes I realised that some people are not good at following instructions. Here are the few pointers that you need to check on your resume and update as you go along:


Microsoft word got free resume templates that are updated time and again, all you have to do is to download the CV template and add your information in it or use other online resources that got free updated resumes.

Relevant Information

Potential Employers want to see relevant information about your working experience, it s vital to make the session on employment history as honest and attractive as possible.

Following recruitment Ad’s instructions

There is a system for recruitment in any company and each company uses that system. The systems are not the same, hence recruitment Ads are different. The system allows the recruiter to be as effective as possible in the selection process. In most companies, there is a score card that is used to shortlist. It is vital to make sure that your resume is structured in a way that is easier for the recruiter to spot relevant information. Some score cards includes demographics, while most will think that employment history and education is the most vital, some companies place on things like demographics as well to foster development (e.g women development)

If the Ad asks you to fill in the online form, do so. Do not go and send a full word document or PDF to the recruiter because it won’t be considered.

So, invested in a good resume and the art of following instructions and get hired.

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