A string of hotline numbers has been set up to speed up identity book applications for matriculants, Home Affairs director general Mkuseli Apleni said on Thursday.

While matriculants would not necessarily need their ID books to write the upcoming examinations, they would need them for the rest of their lives, especially when applying for jobs, he told reporters in Pretoria.

It was not clear how many matriculants did not have ID books. The department believed the numbers were small.
Students who called the numbers would need to provide their full names, proof of registration for the matric exams, school, name of the principal, an examination number, an exam centre number and a contact number.

The ID books were then expected to take a week to process.

The numbers students could call are: 0800-6011-90, 0800-2044-76, 071-1236-353, 072-1255-631, 071-2278-438, 072-3810-836, 072-616-8819, 072-4358-569, 079-511-8810, 079-0754-326, 082-806-4945 and 082-808-2782.

Article by SA Good News

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