Coaching plays an important role in developing South Africa’s future prospects through its ability to empower and build leaders who can unleash their own potential and thereby effect positive transformation in all aspects of society. In the current South African climate leadership is a much debated term. What is a leader, what are the characteristics of a good leader and how do we foster leadership? Strong leadership is essential whether at corporate level, in government, at education institutions or in the NPO sector.

On Wednesday, 25th November from 1pm to 2pm the SACAP Graduate School of Coaching and Leadership is hosting a Twitter Talk, to discuss the role of coaching in the leadership environment, bringing together expertise from a variety of coaches and providing a platform for participants to share their thoughts on leadership and coaching.

The following questions will be addressed during the talk:

  • What is leadership or executive coaching?
  • How can coaching play a role in empowering and building leaders, helping leaders lead?
  • What is a leader?
  • What are the critical challenges leadership faces today?
  • How can coaching address those leadership challenges?
  • What are the characteristics of a good leader?
  • Which coaching competencies can be part of an essential contemporary workplace skill set for leaders?
  • Is there a difference between coaching an entrepreneur and coaching a corporate leader?
  • How does leadership coaching have to adapt across generations?


Join the conversation on Wednesday, 25th November at 1pm by following the hashtag #Coach2Lead and the @SACAPGrad_CL Twitter handle.

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