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Isasiphinkosi Mdingi, 20, Tsolo

I dream of becoming a…

I dream of being a change in my community, being the woman who can stand her ground and who is a leader in a community that is mostly dominated by men. It’s my dream to be the best young leader, activist and business woman.

I’m living it now by…

I am currently an executive member in Students for Law and Social Justice; I have a project I am running with friends where we do mentorship and career expos for Grade 12 learners in deep rural areas of the Eastern Cape. The project is about explaining careers to learners whom we believe have got the potential to be whatever they want but lack information. We help them apply and do other things that are a requirement to access university. I am a volunteer in an organisation called Ntinga Ntaba Ka Ndoda, originating in Keiskammahoek, one of the deepest rural areas in the Eastern Cape. The aim of the organisation is to develop the community as it has different departments, from education to heritage.

I’m going to do it with…

I am currently at the University Of Fort Hare planning to finish my degree in two years time as I am doing my second year in Bachelor of Law.

I believe I am a leader and role model because…

I believe I am a leader because many times I have been involved in the community by being that little light to my peers – I have gone to different schools to motivate them and present different careers to them that they can pursue. As the saying goes “a candle looses nothing by lighting another candle”.

I believe I have a positive, ‘never give up’ attitude because…

I believe I have the most important tool a person needs, which is to beat procrastination. I believe I am a driven young lady who does anything and takes any risk to achieve the good, and what will better the standard of the community. I am good at coming up with solutions among my colleagues and friends, always the one who keeps the team together.

I believe the only way to success is through…

Success to me is when you fail and fall every now and then but have the courage to wake up and go on with the journey. To me success is not an event but a destiny that you achieve; after so many bruises, winds and storms, you practice true dedication, hard work and being an ambitious human being.

I have overcome the following challenges…

I have overcome so many things in life; firstly, growing up in a family of illiterate people where no-one ever went to University and I am proud to say I will be the first graduate. Secondly, I have overcome the barrier of finances; although I come from a poor family that never stopped me from studying and excelling. Even though there are days I go to bed with an empty stomach, that never became an excuse. Thirdly, I have over come peer pressure and stood my ground despite being different from others. I got out my comfort zone and became an Achiever and one of few young leaders who are females in a community dominated by men.

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