Technology unlocks Freedom & Inspiration for young minds

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When I think about freedom, the simplest definition comes to mind and that is anything, anywhere and anytime.

Freedom is something unfortunately not all of us get to experience. Personally freedom to me means being able to do whatever it is that I want to do, provided that it is legal and that I still remember to conform to some type of obligation.

Let me put it this way, I am allowed to get a part time job to have some money to do things I want to do and can afford however there are “unseen” boundaries or limitations that come with that. I won’t be able to have time “off” on weekends, my social life would take a knock and my family would hardly see me. Technology is the same kind of “freedom”. You are able to access anything at anytime and anywhere in the world. It is like “having the world at your fingertips”.

Technology has had an impact on my education in various ways as I have been able to access forums on our school portal, engage in chats and remain relevant to the happenings of University life.

Access to our school portal assisted with any kind of issue students had with a course, assignment or chapter. It was very comforting knowing that you are not the only one with a problem, as well as practical ways to solve it.

For each module there was a portal whereby students would access it using their student number and would be able to have online chats about certain things they did not understand in a lecture or in a tutorial.

There is nothing more important than remaining relevant to University happenings as it makes you aware that University life does not have to be all about books, all year round, you get to see and read about different companies conducting workshops,  performances and entertainment on campus.

When I was still in high school the only exposure we had to computers was through CTA or I.T, so it didn’t have a major effect on my education back then, but now I have been exposed to it in more ways than one and it has had such a huge impact in everyday life that one can virtually not imagine life without it.

Like mankind we have been through stages, from ape to human, and that has assisted with survival, the same principals go for technology. There was the famous typewriter, personal computers, laptops were introduced and now we have Tablets functioning almost the same way a personal computer can. All this has been done so that companies dealing with technology can remain modern, innovative and beat the offer the competitor is providing on the market.

The same way people prefer Mac as opposed to Dell, doesn’t mean that Dell is not a sustainable product; it just means that the Mac offers more features to the consumer  that the consumer feels is more beneficial to their needs. Technology is a sustainable initiative that everybody benefits from and it keeps improving.

Imagine if Microsoft only had Microsoft 1997? Yes I know hard to imagine, forces behind technology are always looking for ways to improve the quality of apps, software programs, games, blogging you name it, and I would advise the youth to expose themselves to it as much as they can.

Technology has allowed me to be who I am, in that, in this very instant I am typing out this article based on my personal experiences that will reach other people. People I have never met, but with technology I have and I am able to have a voice.

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