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First Site Guide is exactly what it says: A place to help you get your first website up and running! If you’re planning to blog, well, we can help with that, too.

Who are we? We’re a bunch of writers, bloggers, social media gurus, tech people, and other experts in various areas of running websites. In addition to the guides, we have a blog featuring reviews, interviews, and interesting articles about blogging and websites.

Rather than focus on a broad range of topics, we delve extremely deeply into this one aspect of the site owning and operating experience. Since everyone needs to start somewhere, we think we’ve got a pretty good niche picked out. Helping people get their first site up and running isn’t as narrow a field as you might think at first, though.

Here are some of the questions we can help you tackle:

  • Are you going to self-host or pick a platform which includes hosting options? That’s something you need to know before you even get started.
  • What should your site’s name be? What are the best practices for creating a good URL for your site? What’s a URL? You have to answer those questions before you can join the internet community, and it’s good to get them right on the first try.
  • Are you going to have a static site or a blog? Will your site remain the same day-to-day, or will you be adding new material?
  • What sort of blog are you planning to start? Is it going to be a journal, a companion to your online store, a special interest blog, or something else entirely? How do you choose? What do these choices mean?
  • What blogging platform is right for you? Which ones are free, which ones are customizable? Which platforms are friendly to non-coders? Which ones let people who want to learn more coding really spread their wings? We have detailed reviews of all the major blogging platforms to help you figure this out.
  • You’ve made all the important choices . . . how do you actually get things rolling? We can help with that, too.

All of these questions, and more, we have answers to. Even better, our people are happy to help you answer any lingering questions you can’t already find an answer to on our site. Stop on by, and see what we’ve got!

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