The new world of business demands industry-ready graduates who have been educated according to the highest standards in their field. Industry leaders and educators have identified that this is an important new priority for learners selecting and applying to tertiary institutions, especially for the intensely competitive fields of branding and marketing, where being at the top of the selection pile is vitally important.

“For parents and students looking for the right tertiary institution on which to base their careers, the accreditation of the various institutions, the type of educational methodology that is provided, as well as the career trajectory of graduates should be taken into consideration,” says Fay Amaral, MD of Vega School of Brand Leadership (Vega).

The success rate of organisations such as Vega, a division of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), is proving that unconventional experiential teaching methods are producing the kind of new-world of IIE graduates required by industry leaders to keep the industry developing in line with international standards. This is brought home by The IIE’s accreditation by the British Accreditation Council (BAC), which demonstrates that our standards are indeed world – class, and that students can be confident about the value of their qualifications.

The IIE’S unique programmes available at Vega are designed to produce outstanding work-ready professionals before they even graduate. These educational programmes include several practical challenges throughout the year, designed to test each student with the aim of identifying their strengths and weaknesses in the field so that they can be developed or addressed accordingly.

For example, TEDx talk evenings, hosted by third year students and attended by industry influencers, provide the students with an invaluable platform to learn and to develop their leadership skills. Vega’s Annual Brand Challenge places students into groups across years and subjects to form an agency. During five very intense weeks the students have to work together to research and create a presentation in response to briefs from real paying corporate clients, giving the students an idea of what it’s like to work in an agency environment and offering them invaluable experience and exposure.

“While Vega maintains emphasis on knowledge transference and skills development through highly qualified and experienced Navigators (lecturers), the new approach to teaching incorporates industry-relevant and topical experiential exercises into student programmes, which aim to replicate the pressures and challenges that students will face on entering the job market,” adds Amaral. “We are also proud of our track record which speaks for itself. Not only does Vega boast a 90% pass rate, but 85% of our students find employment within 6 months after their studies and 43% of those students accept a job before even completing their degree.”

The IIE’s International accreditation, dynamic learning experiences and the clear footsteps of previous IIE graduates in which to follow make Vega an ideal choice for any learner looking for a strong platform from which to develop their branding and marketing career.

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