MSA’s Global Watch 2016 & Beyond part of a series of talks on global issues and insights

Monash South Africa (MSA) in collaboration with Grant Thornton, recently hosted an exclusive event on major global trends and corporate developments for business professionals from various industries seeking career progression. The insightful talk was delivered by acclaimed speaker and political economic analyst Daniel Silke.

Silke, who shared insights into current economic, political, social, health and technological changes facing businesses and professionals, also spoke on the risks and opportunities these trends present.  His presentation was aimed at equipping working professionals with the latest market insights and data for their professional development. In addition to the presentation by the noted speaker, participants were given a briefing on specialised and flexible postgraduate study opportunities.

Speaking at the first of a series of events, Academic President of MSA, Prof Alwyn Louw stressed that lifelong learning is key to staying abreast with economic and business trends. “Increasingly encouraged by new opportunities resulting from additional skills and expertise, many working professionals are seeking to enhance their existing qualifications. Based on our own market research and insights, we know that flexibility is a key factor for working professionals seeking professional growth and career enhancement and we believe we have addressed this.”

To cater for this growing demand in South Africa, MSA has developed a suite of postgraduate programmes which include a Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting, Postgraduate Diplomas in Management, specialising in Corporate Governance, HIV/AIDS or Retirement Funds. MSA’s range of flexible postgraduate programmes is formulated to fit an individual’s work schedule and career goals. “Lifelong learning is key to staying abreast of trends in all areas of business and postgraduate qualifications are becoming increasingly sought-after in the corporate world, especially for senior executive positions. However, beyond academic learning, ongoing development is key to anticipating and adapting to business changes,” he stressed.

HB Klopper, Head of School: Business & Economics, Enterprise Development Unit & Continuous Education also made it clear that that building strong corporate partnerships is also key to advancing one’s career. “Further study provides clear insights into industry and creates valuable networking opportunities – although not usually the primary reason for part-time study, postgraduate degrees do guide you towards an increased number of industry contacts and work experience opportunities.”

Other pertinent learnings from the event included the observation that South African businesses need to be agile and aware to look for global prospects. Global growth across diverse markets and the urbanisation of super cities is creating entrepreneurial opportunities and knowing how to seize these opportunities is vital. Employees and companies should look to embrace a global worldview to better understand opportunities. This view aligns with MSA’s stance on higher education, as MSA strives to create global, highly employable citizens. Through an international network, MSA students can now access a network that consists of over 80 tertiary institutions worldwide, educating over a million students in 28 countries across the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

While academically rigorous programmes are important, it’s also vital for students to gain the appropriate knowledge and analytical skills that can be applied in a variety of organisational settings including the corporate, government and non-profit sectors. This allows those seeking either career entry or progression, or those with a special interest in business to extend their skills and knowledge base in order to comprehend, critically evaluate and interpret the workings of global business and doing business in Africa.

MSA is committed to producing graduates of an international calibre and MSA qualifications are internationally recognised. More information about the programmes offered at Monash South Africa can be found at: www.msa.ac.za/study/courses/

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