One of the greatest challenges facing South African health industry is maintaining safety standards.

While the intention of medical workers is unquestionably to heal people, often infrastructure that is not properly managed will curtail even their best efforts.

Quality is too often sacrificed on the altar of expediency, as healthcare workers desperately attempt to see to the needs of each and every South African. In their unfailing pursuit of helping others, processes that ensure safety requirements are met may be overlooked.

That is why in 2015, the non-profit Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa (COHSASA) has been hard at work offering QI skills development workshops at its Cape Town headquarters.

These have proved so popular that the workshops have now been extended to 2016, where new intakes of healthcare workers will be also be equipped with the knowledge to provide safe and quality care to patients.

Attendees in 2015 have learnt, for example, the finer aspects of root cause analysis – knowledge that previously was foreign to them.

“We want to ensure that the way we structure our workshops provides maximum benefit to those that attend. So, we would like to know from future clients what topics they would like to cover,” said Dr Katrin Kleijnhans, COHSASA’s professional development co-coordinator.

Aspects that are included in the courses include:

  • Healthcare Organisational Risk Management
  • Infection Control Risk Assessment
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Adverse Incident Reporting
  • Clinical Audit
  • Medication Errors
  • Morbidity-Mortality Investigations
  • Medical Equipment Maintenance


If you are interested in attending the upcoming workshops in 2016 (dates will be circulated at a later stage), please indicate your preferences so that we can tailor the workshops to suit your needs.

The workshops will be held at the COHSASA Head Office in Pinelands, Cape Town usually for two and a half days.

All suggestions are welcome, and for further information email [email protected]

The workshops will be held at the COHSASA Head Office in Pinelands, Cape Town usually for two and a half days.



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