Here are some top tips for First Years, from the mouths of 3rd and 4th Year university students:

Make use of your student status as much as possible – it is only when you stop being a student that you realise how valuable things like vouchers are!!!
Nilpa Shah

Don’t just use your debit card when making a purchase, I did this and it was a complete fail. I would just keep spending like it was a magical never-ending piece of plastic and eventually had absolutely no money whatsoever.
Media Studies student

Best University Tips: A Guide by 3rd and 4th Year Students 1 SA Study University, FET and Bursary Information South Africa

Be open to new experiences, soak it all up and try anything that takes your fancy… Don’t worry about mistakes you may make in first year, socially or academically: you will learn from them.
Nicola Tomlinson

Get involved in as much as possible during your first year as it gets harder and harder to do that as the workload and pressure increases down the line. It’s also the best way to meet people outside of your halls of residence.

Remember a loan is a loan, you will have to pay it back! Use student discounts ie. your student card for everything, it really saves loads.
Politics and International Relations student

Enjoy the experience and that doesn’t mean go out every night and waste money, it means finding that happy balance!
Aarti C Thobhani

Don’t be scared! University is a new start and a chance to make some great new friends! Talk to everyone but always remember that some people will end up being your best friends and others will turn out to be completely different to you! Freshers is all about making new friends and having a laugh after two weeks you’ll know your way around and will have settled in – now all you need to do is enjoy yourself!!
C Floyd

University means EXTREMELY long holidays, try and make the most of them. As well as earning extra cash and internships, that means some amazing foreign trips – they can be done if you spend cleverly!

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