Accommodation at TUT

Accommodation at TUT

Living in our residences is an excellent way to make friends, have fun and get involved in student life at TUT. Residing in our residences means: meeting new people and interacting with other students of diverse backgrounds, interests and lifestyles; learning in an environment conducive to study, where academic assistance is readily available.

Female Residences:

  • Astra
  • Denise
  • Polonaise
  • Minjonet
  • Heidehof

Male Residences:

  • Lezard
  • Magalies
  • Monitor
  • Tempo

Mixed Residences:

  • The Heights
  • Orion
  • Legae
  • Kollegehof

We offer basic, quality accommodation to students at affordable rates. Residence accommodation should not be regarded as a right, but as a privilege. Students should respect their environment, facilities and fellow students in order to ensure that the facilities remain up to standard. Vandalism is regarded as a serious act of misconduct and a student could face expulsion when found guilty of vandalism.

Almost all the residences have single and double rooms and all first-years will be allocated double rooms.  Single rooms are allocated according to payment record, academic performance and the degree of active participation in the residence.

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