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The Rhodes Investec Business School will, from January 2011, change its name to Rhodes Business School.
A number of factors have necessitated the name change. The funding by Investec Bank Limited was always for a finite period and since the school has been operating sustainably for a few years now, the same level of support is no longer required.
Further, Investec have been focusing increasingly on improving mathematics and science at secondary school level, something that the country desperately needs. In this context the continued funding of the business school has become inconsistent with this focus.
The current Chairman of the business school Board of Advisors (BOA), David Lawrence, who is also the Deputy Chairman of Investec, will be stepping down as Chairman of the BOA after providing dedicated service since 2002. Mr Lawrence had in fact stepped down at the end of 2009, but was asked to serve for another year to assist the new Director in his transition year.
Professor Owen Skae, Director of the Rhodes Business School, explained that the decision to change names was arrived at by mutual consent as both Rhodes University and Investec Bank Limited agreed that the time was right for such a change.
“Investec have been extremely generous supporters of the Business School since its inception. Hugh Herman, the Chairman of Investec who was instrumental in helping to get the school established has always maintained a keen interest in its development.
“We are very proud to have been associated with Investec and without them we would not have to got to where we are today, especially being recognised as a thought leader in teaching about leadership and sustainability.”
Prof Skae added that having achieved much in the school’s first formative years, they were looking forward to the next phase of development of the Rhodes Business School. “An important priority was finding a new physical location for the business school. We are literally bursting at the seams at the moment.”
The adoption of the new name of Rhodes Business School, will coincide with the appointment of Ms Imogen Mkhize, as the new Chairman of the Business School’s BOA.
Rhodes University is delighted that Imogen Mkhize has agreed to assume Chairmanship of the business school’s BOA with effect from 2011. Imogen who is an Old Rhodian and serving also on the University’s Board of Governors is currently the Non-Executive Chairman of Richards Bay Coal Terminal. She sits on the boards of a number of listed companies.
According to Skae, “Imogen brings with her heaps of experience and commitment. The Rhodes Business School staff is looking forward to working with her and taking the platform that Investec has provided us with to the next level”.
Prof Skae also thanked David Lawrence, and Investec, for the dedicated and resourceful service rendered to the Business School and through it to Rhodes, over the last decade.
Article by Rhodes University