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These days it seems if you are not growing and eating your own vegetables, recycling and living a life with minimal impact to the environment you are not the coolest kid on the block.

Many are aware that sustainability and climate change have been and still are enormously important issues which are affecting our planet in a treacherous way. The terms ‘Going Green’, ‘Eco-friendly’ and ‘Green Living’ have become so ingrained in our minds that it has shifted the way in which we do things.

The way people travel, consume, explore and purchase have changed over the years and even many companies are realising this and making changes in the way they do business in order to protect our environment and increase customer satisfaction. According to CCC Maldives ecotourism has been growing by 20-34% per year, and understandably so.

Honestly, I do not think that there is any greater feeling than going on holiday to a beautiful destination and knowing that you have contributed a bit to conserving these immaculate places whether it be rainforests or indescribable continents like Antarctica which is deteriorating due to global warming.

The following post will highlight the trends and tips of eco-travel and green living which many are often unaware of when travelling.


Green Trends

Extensive travel research was conducted and there were many interesting insights of eco trends that were identified. There has been an increased interest amongst travellers to visit vanishing destinations. Yes, I said VANISHING! Due to global warming popular destinations like the Dead Sea in Egypt, or the romantic city of Venice and the tropical under waters of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia will no longer be around in the upcoming years.

Travellers have also shown more and more interest in the idea of travelling to eco-destinations which allow travellers to see not only the most extreme, but the most beautiful wonders of the world. The stunning country of Costa Rica is definitely a destination on the list which showcases beautiful coastlines and well-protected natural attractions like volcanoes and rainforests whilst staying in luxurious eco-friendly accommodation.

For the many travellers interested in visiting these intriguing green destinations I would say that it would be a great idea to try and find affordable fights to these endangered destinations before it is too late. There are great online travel agencies that you can keep updated with at any time, they are known for offering great flight specials and competitions which could have you winning free flight tickets. Travel agency, Travelstart, for instance has a fantastic flight specials page which offers great deals that are constantly being updated, there is no reason not to see at least one of these destinations in your lifetime.

Green has definitely become the new black, and for those of you who have never heard of the term ‘green travel’ before this article, it does not refer to you going on holiday just to stay in a tree house or you consuming vegetables that you grew over your holiday. Going green simply means that you can still enjoy your vacation but in a different and more eco-friendly way, for example you could sign up for the many walking tours on offer when visiting a new city instead of using too many taxis for your commute whilst exploring new attractions.


Green travel tips

Many people are shocked at the countless ways in which their everyday habits and routines can impact the environment and most of the time when we are on holiday we end up forgetting about things like saving electricity or water and recycling.

Below is a list of the numerous ways we can all contribute to conserving our planet whilst simply indulging in the beautiful pleasures the world has to offer.


You can save by…

  • Using the Carbon Footprint Calculator while on holiday, this will give you several options to minimize/ balance your carbon footprint.
  • Staying in green accommodation, with thousands of places around the world that offer distinctive green accommodation you can vacation in true green style.
  • Fact: plastic bags can take up to 500 years to biodegrade so take a re-useable shopping bag with you when you go to local markets or shops.
  • The more a plane weighs the more carbon emissions it produces basically very kilo counts when flying so pack smart.
  • Trying to travel without any stops / less stops so taking direct flights would be perfect.
  • Taking showers instead of baths is also a way to save water.
  • Buying locally made products rather than those that have been imported
  • When scuba diving don’t touch or step on the coral or stir up sediment as it can damage the reef’s fragile ecosystem.

Click here and find out more amazing ways for being green and travelling clean that would be useful for any traveller.

By adopting an eco-friendly mind-set on your travels, you will be contributing to help protect not only the very places you visit but the places that you still have to check off your bucket list.


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