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Cape Town, January 2017:  In an ever evolving education landscape – including greater access to the internet – what separates Milpark Education, the leader in distance learning in the country, from other distance learning institutions is how it has adapted the traditional model of Distance Learning (DL), by pioneering a new approach to studying with ‘Distance Learning Online’ (DLO). This approach uses accessible technology to bridge the gap between space and time usually associated with current DL offerings, and provides a virtual classroom which replicates and improves the learning experience of traditional contact learning.


In September 2016, Milpark Education, announced the launch of its online MBA (Masters of Business Administration), Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). And in the process, made it the first institution of higher learning to offer an online distance learning MBA in the country.


Milpark Education’s DLO offering is unique in the following ways:

  • Students get to focus on one module for eight weeks, resulting in better results and a better chance to pass.
  • Greater flexibility – the convenience of online learning is you can learn anywhere and anytime.
  • Multiple intake opportunities per year allow for better and flexible planning of your studies – taking higher education out of the traditional mould of two semesters and one cut-off date. Milpark Education has six intakes in one year.
  • Paying only for the module you have registered for allows for better budgeting.
  • Leading student support with one lecturer per cohort of 25 students. The smaller classes lead to more engagement through the interactive group discussions, and constant learning and support – possibly exceeding that of classroom-learningstudents


Executive Dean, Esther Venter, explains, ““We have the first distance learning MBA in the country with online synchronous and asynchronous contact for interactive support, and one lecturer per 25 students to curate the learning journey effortlessly and seamlessly. The Distance Learning Online (DLO) approach with our MBA, BCOM and BBA degrees opens the doors of learning to people who are in industries where there is a demand for a formal qualification for career enhancement, and the need for flexibility in their studies – both financially, and from a time perspective.  Our offering guarantees high engagement and has been especially developed to meet the demands of daily life.”


Milpark Education embarked on the creation of novel products unrivalled in the South African distance learning landscape. It’s their understanding of the daily challenges students face that has allowed them to develop new ways of learning that remove the barriers of traffic, location and low engagement without compromising on the quality of the degree. In November last year, Milpark Education was rated the number one private provider of MBA’s in South Africa, and number two overall in the 2016 PMR.africa awards for business schools offering MBA/MBL degrees.


With the addition of DLO to its delivery, Milpark Education has provided students with the choice of classroom based-learning, or a quality interactive learning experience which is flexible enough for students to study at their own convenience, in a manner that is best for them, independently of place and time. Multiple instances of assessment will ensure student progress.


Dr Joseph Sekhampu, Dean of Milpark Education School of Commerce, says “DLO is revolutionary and challenges traditional distance learning delivery.  Our DL approach uses technology in order to bridge the divide of space and time; a virtual classroom replicating and improving the learning experience of contact learning. Traditional distance learning meant registering, collecting your books, attending classes at a tutorial centre (for a select few institutions) and then sitting for an exam. Research on the success of this approach is damning, with through-put rates of less than 15%.”


Milpark Education believe that one of the greatest benefits of this approach is allowing students to tailor their studies around their lives. For example, taking a module while travelling the world or move from subject to subject in the student’s own time with an opportunity to take a break during peak organizational periods.


Arthur Goldstuck, founder of World Wide Worx, praised Milpark Education for introducing initiatives that use digital tools to enhance learning. “Everyone is connected, every teacher has access to every tool, and every student has access to all information. Yet, much of our education is still based on nineteenth-century systems, styles and philosophies.”


With South Africa’s rapid increase in Internet usage, Goldstuck predicts that by the year 2020, of the 24.6m Internet users in South Africa, 18.5m will be involved in the digital economy. He continued to say that the classroom of tomorrow will have to focus on problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, and negotiation in order to prepare the future workforce”.


This is a vision Milpark is embracing with its approach to Distance Learning Online. Technology is an enabler for learning and there is a need to use digital tools and resources to enhance the role of the teacher, rather than replace it. Milpark Education is currently one of the few pioneers introducing digital tools to create a better learning experience.


The benefits of completing an MBA through Milpark are not limited to Online only. Selecting the contact learning option for the MBA offers students the face-to-face interaction and immediacy some students prefer. The decision of which delivery mode to register for depends on the student’s lifestyle demands.


For more information, visit Milpark Education’s website, call Student Services on 086 999 0001, follow them on Twitter or head to the Milpark Education Facebook page for regular updates:

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