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Library and Study Centre:

The Library and study centre offers assistance and facilities to students for the preparation of assignments, independent study research, and further reading. There services include internet access, photocopying, periodicals, newspapers, videos, email, books, magazines, CD-ROM databases and inter-library loans.

Lecture Halls:

MGI’s lecture halls are designed to cater for student groups of different sizes in order to facilitate interaction between students and lecturers. Lecturers have the opportunity to complement theory with visual effects through the use of computer, video, and projection facilities.


MGI has nine computer laboratories which are equipped with desktop computers connected to a local area network with browser capabilities. MGI laboratories provide students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the field of technology.

Journalism Laboratory:

The Journalism laboratory is situated in the Department of Journalism. The J-Lab is set up as a newsroom, giving students who study Journalism the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a journalist. Students also use the J-Lab to produce and edit their own student newspaper, using their journalism skills to report on real-life events.

Science Laboratory:

The two general laboratories are fully equipped and students work both under supervision and also on their own. MGI also offers specialised biotechnology laboratories.

Student Affairs Unit:

The Student Affairs Unit is situated on-campus and provides support and services to all students. The SAU is the first point of contact for students with personal, emotional, health, or academic problems. The SAU runs workshops and awareness programmes throughout the year. One of the aims of the SAU’s well-qualified staff is to facilitate the student’s learning experience at MGI by ensuring that he/she has access to the assistance and support they require.

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