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Boston City Campus and Business College has been on the map since 1991, originally to offer tuition and a full varsity experience to UNISA students and to ensure their success in their examinations.

The remarkable results obtained by UNISA students in their examinations resulted in Boston expanding beyond expectations.

Since inception, where Boston offered only tuition towards UNISA degrees, there are now over 100 different career paths from which learners can choose.

Today, Boston boasts 48 colleges and over 25 000 learners. Dedicated career counsellors ensure that you set off on an appropriate career path and this service is offered for free!

Boston’s success is attested to by the exceptionally high pass rate achieved by the learners. The unique training methodology employed by Boston has led to an astonishing pass rate.


Our objective is to give learners an advantage by preparing them for the workplace.

Giving learners employable skills, and an all-round education, this will make them invaluable to any employer.

Through our experience in education, dealing with learners and the proven success record of our methodology we are able to offer valuable skills to learners who wish to gain “work readiness” skills.

Boston updates all required courses and their contents according to changes in legislation or other requirements. All courses have national and some international recognition. Examinations are externally or centrally produced and marked to ensure fairness and quality.

And of course, it is not just academics that make a student. Boston students take part in social activities, meet at the canteens, take up a table tennis or snooker challenge and enjoy awesome orientation days organized by the campus.

Tertiary education is a once in a lifetime opportunity and the campus wants you to enjoy every moment!

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